Indy Advance HPDE

Inaugural MORPCA Advanced HPDE @

Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS)

August 21/23, 2015


Yes you are reading this correctly, INDY Baby!  MORPCA is finalizing plans with IMS for a 3-day weekend event at the world famous Brickyard in 2015. This will be the first PCA HPDE and the only such HPDE event at the Brickyard in 2015. We will be running the Indy Grand Prix course, crossing the start finish Brickyard strip on the main straight.

Indy Road Course HPDE Map
As you can anticipate, this event will likely be a high demand PCA HPDE ticket in 2015.  This event will be pioneering the HPDE process at IMS.  As you read thru some of the event details, you may view some details as unconventional when compared to other HPDE venues and events.  Bear with us as we work thru these details with IMS operations and look for creative solutions to meet as many needs as possible taking into account restrictions out of our control.  Please also keep in mind, at all times, you are interacting with volunteers trying to bring to you and the HPDE community, a new venue for HPDE safe fun.  We will do our best to anticipate as many challenges as possible, but until we all do it once, we don’t know what we don’t know or haven’t thought of far enough in advance to deal with.  So please be considerate of those who are volunteering of their time and energy on your behalf to bring you this bucket list opportunity.

This will be an Advanced HPDE. Registrants will have to meet minimum Advanced HPDE experience requirements – think C (or Blue/White).  C Level Advanced HPDE Registrants have to  previously been soloed by a MORPCA Instructor before the end of the past few HPDE weekends you attended.  For C Level Advanced drivers, see MORPCA’s April 24/26 HPDE event for an opportunity to do so.  Minimum 5 HPDE events is the starting point.

Track Time

Event Organizers are looking at four (4) on track sessions per run group each day with a session blocked out for 20-25-minutes inclusive of on track time, pit out and pit in time, which should be sufficient for most drivers to receive 10 or more at speed laps per session.  All subject to track operations, weather conditions, and pit out / pit in times.


As of May 25, all paid Registrations on or after May 25 will not be guaranteed an included garage assignment, but will put on a wait list for a garage assignment if a garage spot becomes available.

All those who registered before May 25th will have a garage assignment.

Between the GP garages (36 each holding a minimum of 4 cars, but 6 or 8 is possible as seen at SVHR in 2014) and the Oval garages (95) at Indy, there are a lot of garage spots at Indy.  So a garage spot is already included in early registrations (while spots last), so register early to secure a garage.  Parking support vehicles “in front” of garages is not possible so be prepared for long distance unloading from paddock trailer parking to GP and Oval garages.

Golf Carts and Pit Vehicles

Golf Cart rentals are not currently planned at this event.  Any personal / private “powered” pit vehicle cannot be used on the IMS property, so best to leave it at home for this outing.


Fuel will be provide by Sunoco (Brown’s Oil Service in Indianapolis) at the track, with a wide selection (typical Sunoco offerings 90 no/e, 93 w/e, GTX 98, 104 leaded, 110 leaded, etc.) to select from. CC will be accepted.

Tow Hooks

IMS has a strong preference for vehicles on track to have tow hooks installed.  Recovery from the track and gravel traps by IMS will be facilitated by having your tow hooks installed.  Failure to install or have easily accessible tow points on you car (front and back) will delay track operations and may result in recovery damage to your vehicle.  IMS and MORPCA are not responsible for any damage done to a vehicle by IMS’s recovery services regardless of fault.

Registration (wait list only)

Run Groups are full, now taking names on wait list for any cancellations.

Online registration will be on Club Registration and will open in the Spring of 2015.  PCA membership and Porsche cars (to be driven at this Advanced HPDE) are the preference. Don’t forget you can set an Event Reminder on Club Registration to follow the event registration page and to be notified when it opens.

Registrant Check-In on Thursday August 20th.

Current plan is to do 99% of all registrant check-in and Tech Inspections at the off site hotel on Thursday late afternoon / evening (4PM  to 8pm ish).   Currently access to IMS on Friday morning will not be possible before 6:15 AM and the track goes hot at 8am.  With this in mind, there is no possible way to get everyone Checked In & Tech’d on Friday and there will be no Tech queue at the track.  So plan to get your Mandatory Check-In and Tech Inspection done Thursday evening at the off site hotel (Wyndham) or you will miss your Friday morning session(s).

Hours of access

IMS infield access will will open at 6:15 AM on Friday, 7am on Saturday & Sunday, and closing at 9PM on Friday & Saturday, and closing 7PM  on Sunday.  The Track is hot from 8am to 6pm, no downtime or breaks (USAC is providing full-time coverage, rotating cornerworkers for breaks / lunch as needed).

Where to enter facility at Indy on Friday Morning:

We will enter the Brickyard from the south entrance on 16th street, no exact street address for this entrance per say for GPS, but it is a well marked entrance also used for the Indy Museum @ 4790 W. 16th St. Indianapolis, IN 46222.

Event Hotel

Wyndham Indianapolis West
2544 Executive Drive
Indianapolis, IN  46241

We have secured a special $99 rate for this event which includes breakfast buffet (2 per room) extra early each morning (Fr/Su).

Hotel block has expired from Wyndham web site, but calling them directly [(317) 248-2481] and asking for Kim Lewis, mention you are with MORPCA Indy event and she may be able to accommodate a discounted rate still.

Remember Tech & Registration will be at the Hotel Thursday evening, not at the track on Friday.


Overnight infield camping / RV parking is not possible (too expensive), but two (2) very close alternatives:

The American Legion Hall #500’s parking lot lot on Georgetown Road west side of track does offer limited service RV sports for a fee and is open during our event, check out their web site for contact info and more details. Mention you are with the event at Indy, they are offering Thur/Mon (4 nights) with Electricity hookups for $100. The fee helps support the Legion Post.

The IMS gravel lot directly across from the 16th Street entrance is open to use during our event for overnight camping (no services and no fee to use).

Under 18 years old:

Due to IMS contract and Insurance restrictions for this “private” event, anyone under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent and access to the facility beyond the public Museum area is very restricted for minors.  Under 18 are not allowed in Garages and can’t ride on Touring Laps.  Under 18 are not allowed beyond Paddock boundaries towards the Garages and Pits.  No entrance to Pit Lane or Garages or Alleys connecting / leading to GP and Oval Garages.  Under 18 can watch from viewing area atop the GP Garages (stands).  No unaccompanied minors are allowed to be wandering the Paddock.  No bikes, roller skates, scooters, or any form of wheeled transport (motorized or self propelled) can be used by under 18 either within the IMS property.

PCA Club Race 2016 Planning:

Two PCA Club National officials, Vicki and Bryan, will be joining us at the track on Friday to help in the refinement of potential PCA Club Race track operations, (expanding upon our A-HPDE approach / experience in 2015), for a possible (no commitment yet) PCA Club Race at IMS in 2016. For all of the Club Racers in attendance this year, be sure to share with Vicki or Bryan your interest in and thoughts on a 2016 PCA Club Race at IMS.

Videos of interest:

Dan Clarke 2014 911 Continental Series GP Course Lap and Coaching

2014 Tudor Full Race @ Indy

2014 Tudor Summary @ Indy

Take A Lap Around IMS Grand Prix course With Graham Rahal

More details will be found here as they are announced, so bookmark it & check back often and

especially before registering in the Spring on Club Registration.


Can I park my RV / Camping Trailer?  Overnight infield camping / RV parking is not possible (too expensive).  Two very close alternatives:


The American Legion Hall #500’s parking lot lot on Georgetown Road west side of track does offer limited service RV sports for a fee and is open during our event, check out their web site for contact info and more details.  Mention you are with the event at Indy, they are offering Thur/Mon (4 nights) with Electricity hookups for $100.  The fee helps support the Legion Post.

The gravel lot directly across from the 16th Street entrance is open to use during our event for overnight camping (no services and no fee to use).

Do I have to be a regional MORPCA member to sign up?  No, but early preference will be given to PCA members.  You can join PCA at

Can I drive a non Porsche road worthy automobile in this Advanced HPDE?  Yes, but organizers are looking for a high percentage of Porsche models to kick off this inaugural Indy Advance HPDE regional PCA event, so registration preference will be given to those registering a Porsche to drive at this inaugural event.

Will MORPCA run a PCA Club Race at this event in 2015?  Not in 2015.  Given the pioneering nature of this inaugural event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), the MORPCA committee and IMS have chosen to “walk before we run” and thus we are working first to develop the PCA HPDE event format and operations at Indy.

  It is our intent in 2016 to build on this 2015 HPDE event experience and offer to run a PCA Club Race in 2016 (subject to securing a 2016 date).  IMS has not yet committed to any 2016 dates, as 2016 is the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500 and IMS is rightly focused in 2014/2015 on planning for that major automotive racing milestone in 2016.  A three (3) or four (4) day 2016 PCA Club Race and Advanced HPDE in mid/late August 2016 is our desire, subject to IMS agreement and various pro race dates yet to be set at IMS in 2016.  PCA Club Racers are encourage in 2015 to sign up for this Advanced HPDE event to learn the track.  If sufficient interest is shown by PCA Club Racers registering for this event, the organizers can plan to have multiple run groups using open passing in the turns with point by.

Will we get to drive the Oval? Yes, tentative plan is for Saturday late afternoon, 2 or 3 short run groups of touring laps (no passing, not racing), paced by IMS.    At highway speeds for only HPDE drivers (not open to non HPDE drivers, but passengers over 18 would be allowed, thus without helmets) and their HPDE Tech’d cars to drive on the Oval course.  This will be contingent on IMS operations permissions, which in turn is contingent on IMS Centennial 2015 construction schedules, and would entail shorting run group times to free up track time during the day to make time in the schedule, and there is a limit on the number of cars on track at the same time issue to resolve.


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