Sell Out & Successful April 2014 Driver Education event @ Mid Ohio sponsored by Byers Porsche

The April 27th, 2014 DE event at Mid-Ohio was a success, and members should look forward to a repeat of the event in 2015. If interested in helping out in 2015, contact DE Chairman Chip Henderson or Frank Todaro, or any Board Member with your interest in getting more involved with club event planning and operations.

For DE Beginners looking for more track time in 2014 with MORPCA, check out the fall DE at Putnam. All Beginners will be welcomed, Putnam is a great track for Beginner and Experienced students alike, with lots of grass run-off in many turns. Watch for more details soon on the Oct. DE at Putnam.

For Experienced DE students in advanced run groups, also check out the Advanced DE run as part of the Sept 2014 PCA Club Race event being hosted by MORPCA at Mid-Ohio.

————— Original Event Details ——–


2014 April Driver Education Event


There’s still a nip in the air and the pavement is cold, but we’re warming ourselves up by dreaming of the track in spring!  Nothing beats reuniting with old friends and making new ones in the paddock as the spring sun shines.  So please join us for a 3-DAY EVENT at THE MID-OHIO SPORTS CAR COURSE on April 25, 26, and 27th.

To shake the brake dust off your wheels, we’re starting off with a FRIDAY LAPPING DAY followed with an SATURDAY-SUNDAY INSTRUCTED DRIVER’S EDUCATION (DE) open to ALL experience levels.

FRIDAY LAPPING DAY:  Is open to Solo Intermediate Students, Advanced Students, and Instructors.  There is simply no other way to get this kind of track time for the money!  It’s the best deal out there… don’t miss out.  We expect the Lapping Day to sell out so sign up now. Friday Lapping will offer Expanded Passing (pass with a point anywhere on the track including in the turns).  Therefore, previous experience with this protocol is preferred.  For most, this will mean you’ve run in the Instructor or Advanced (A) Group or other event with this type of passing. Those who are experienced in the Intermediate (B) Group and who are capable of solo driving in an expanded passing environment are also eligible.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the registrar for clarification.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY INSTRUCTED DRIVER’S EDUCATION (DE): Is for all experience levels including first-time drivers.  Whether this will be your first time on track or your 100th time, we’ve got something for you… including innovative instruction programs, post-session-download driver meetings, and a special course on the “rain line” if we have any wet pavement (don’t count on that… we’re planning on sunny weather!)

This is DE for all run groups, beginner to advanced. We are committed to advancing our already advanced drivers as well as providing a lot of solo time for those who are ready.

FIRST TIME DRIVERS: You are strongly encouraged to register for this event.  MORPCA is known for being a well organized and friendly group… if you’re new to high-performance driving, or if you’re new to PCA events in general, we will be very happy to walk you through the process.

All makes of cars participate in our events, driving a Porsche in the event is not required.  It just needs to be a roadworthy, well maintained, in good condition coupe or sedan that can pass tech inspection.

Sign up now!

We’re offering a $50 discount to students if you sign up for all 3 days, and $25 for instructors for all 3 days.

For the 3-Day April DE at Mid Ohio, fees are as follows:


Friday Lapping Day (Student) $175

Sat-Sun DE only (Student) $350

Fri-Sat-Sun (Student) $475


Friday Lapping Day (Instructor, not instructing for DE) $175

Sat-Sun DE only (Instructor) $75

Fri-Sat-Sun (Instructor) $225

Please don’t hesitate to contact the registrar with any questions you may have.

See you on track!


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