Successful Half-Day Introduction to High Performance Driver Education sponsored by Byers Porsche

The April 27th, 2014 DE-Lite event at Mid-Ohio was a success, and members should look forward to a repeat of the event in 2015. If interested in helping out in 2015, contact DE Chairman Chip Henderson or Frank Todaro, or any Board Member with your interest in getting more involved with club event planning and operations.

For DE Beginners looking for more track time in 2014 with MORPCA, check out the fall DE at Putnam. All Beginners will be welcomed, Putnam is a great track for Beginner and Experienced students alike, with lots of grass run-off in many turns. Watch for more details soon on the Oct. DE at Putnam.

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If your are unsure if a full 2-day High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) weekend is for you, but would like to sample the HPDE experience to find out more, we also offers a “lite” version of the weekend HPDE, a Half-Day Introduction to HPDE (HDI-HPDE) on Sunday April 27th run as an event within the 2-day HPDE event. This introduction consists of three (3) segments from the 2-day HPDE program:

  1. A classroom session in the late morning on Sunday introducing you to how HPDEs are run to have safe fun.  (You will need to be at Mid-Ohio 30-mimutes prior to classroom session to register, sign waivers, and locate classroom.  Registration and Classroom are mandatory.)
  2. An optional lead-follow touring lap session (run at safe highway speeds without passing) with you driving your car on the Mid-Ohio track during the Sunday lunch break of the primary HPDE event.
  3. A optional early afternoon HDI-HPDE orientation session in which a few orientation laps are run at modest HPDE pace, in conjunction with an HPDE session, with you riding shotgun (wearing a MOR provided helmet) in your HDI-HPDE Instructor’s car driven by your HDI-HPDE Instructor.

The HDI-HPDE subset consists of the same introductory classroom instruction and the same introductory orientation track laps a beginner student in a 2-day HPDE session would receive from their assigned HPDE Instructor before they would typically go out on track in their car in their assigned HPDE run group with their assigned HPDE Instructor now riding shotgun in the students car.

Schedule on Sunday subject to change.

If interested in the full 2-day HPDE event, even if you are a a first timer to HPDE, you can register for the full 2-day event at the MOR WEB Site.

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