Introduction to High Performance Driver Education

Drive Your Car Around Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course


Since 1986, The Mid Ohio Region (MOR) of the Porsche Club of America has been putting on High Performance Driving Education (HPDE) events at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.  HPDE events are an opportunity for a car enthusiast to drive their car on a closed road surface, governed by club & track regulations, and not by highway limits.  HPDE events give enthusiasts a chance to experience and learn high performance driving techniques (in their own roadworthy cars) not possible on central Ohio roadways

MOR’s would like to extend an invitation to fellow car enthusiasts that our HPDE events are not limited to Porsche cars only or to only MOR members.  In past events, a third of the cars on track were not Porsches, but the participant’s cars ran the gamut of familiar coupes and sedans on the roads today.  Such as Miata, Mustang, Corvette, Camaro, MOPAR, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, MBenz, VW, BMW, and the occasional exotics such as Lamborghini, Vipers, Ferraris, Ford GT 40, and some closed-wheel racing cars (in advance run groups).

MOR HPDE events are well run, safe programs with in car instruction from fellow HPDE Instructors.  An HPDE weekend usually consists of 3 or 4 x 20plus minute on track sessions on both Saturday and Sunday, typically two sessions in the morning and two sessions in the afternoon.  Sessions are divided into 5 run groups, each of increasing experience.  Only one run group on the track at a time, so your will be driving on track with drivers of a similar experience level as yourself.  Students will be assigned an in car HPDE Instructor for all on track sessions.  Sessions are more than lead-follow, but less than open racing, with passing only done on designated straights and with required point by from car being passed.  Classroom instruction covering rules, safety, and technique are also provided for the various driving levels when not on track.  HPDE is safe fun, with the emphasis on safe.  To find out more about MOR HPDE events, please visit our web site

To register for the April 26th/27th weekend HPDE, please go to the following web site:

ClubRegistration Web Site

At ClubRegistration you will create a first-time profile account, then register the driver and your car for the MOR event on April 26/27th at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (search for 5535 under the “Search for Events” pull down menu).

The “lite” Option

If your are unsure if a full 2-day HPDE is for you, but would like to sample the HPDE experience to find out, MOR also offers a “lite” version of the weekend HPDE, a Half-Day Introduction to HPDE (HDI-HPDE) on Sunday April 27th run as an event within the 2-day HPDE event.  This introduction consists of three (3) segments:

  1. A classroom session in the late morning on Sunday introducing students to how to have safe fun.
  2. A 15-minute lead-follow touring lap session (run at safe highway speeds without passing) on the Mid-Ohio track during the lunch break of the primary HPDE event.
  3. An early afternoon HDI-HPDE track session in which two laps are run at modest HPDE pace, in conjunction with an HPDE session on track, with student riding shotgun (wearing a MOR provided helmet) in an HPDE Instructor’s car driven by that Instructor.

This “lite” version has beginner classroom instruction and the same introductory laps a beginner 2-day HPDE student will receive from their assigned HPDE Instructor before going out on track in their car in their HPDE run group for the 2-Day weekend.  To register for this HDI-HPDE event, please visit (EventBrite Ticket Web Site) .

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