The Apex – by Chip Henderson | Diving Events Chairman

Hello and welcome to the first installment of The Apex. This will be a monthly addition to the Die Offen Strasse where we cover all the goings-on with the Mid Ohio Region Driver Education, Club Racing and other track events. Not only will we cover past and future on-track action, we’ll throw-in some cool shots of the Porsche in its natural environment – the racetrack!

If you are like me, by this time of year you are feeling that old familiar tingle. We have crossed over the winter hump and spring is just around the corner – and that means the track season is about to start! And this year we have a great season planned for all of you speed freaks.

We’ll start with a Driver’s Education event at the world-famous Mid Ohio Racetrack. If you are not familiar with the Driver’s Education, it’s a two-day weekend spent on the racetrack with your car – learning to drive fast in a controlled environment. Each day consists of four to six 20-30 minute on-track sessions in your own car with a PCA driving instructor riding along. You will also attend several classroom sessions – to reinforce what you learn on the track. So, if you have ever wanted to see what it is like to hot-shoe around a real racetrack, sign-up and give it a go. We take drivers of all experience levels – even if you have never driven on a track. I promise it will be an experience like no other – and a great deal too! Where else can you drive your P-Car at triple-digit speeds legally?

Having said that, our first Driver’s Education event (or simply “DE”) at Mid Ohio is the weekend of April 20-21. Signing-up is as easy as logging onto and entering your information. In addition to the normal DE, we are also hosting a “Lapping Day” at Mid Ohio on April 19th for those more experienced drivers who don’t require an instructor. This is a great way for veteran track junkies to shake off the rust and enjoy some open track time.

As I mentioned, this is a great deal. Nowhere else will get this kind of track time with our level of instruction for this low of a price. Plus, we give discounts if you sign-up early!

In addition to the April DE at Mid Ohio, we are teaming up with the Northern Ohio Region on the weekend of June 15-16, for a DE at the Nelson Ledges racetrack in North Eastern Ohio. Nelson Ledges is a fun track with a lot of history and the weekend is tied in with the annual 944Fest so there is a lot to see and do.

This event is followed by our Club Race and Advanced DE on July 5-7 – also at the Mid Ohio racetrack. The Advanced DE is only for drivers who no longer require an Instructor. If you’re not sure if you qualify, just contact me or Jeff West (our Chief Driving Instructor). Of course you can always come up and catch some exciting Porsche racing at the Club Race. There is no charge for admission and you will have full access to the paddock and viewing areas.

Our last track event for the year will be held in October at the Putnam Park raceway in Indiana. Putnam is one of my favorite tracks and a must for any track junky. It is a great place to hone your driving skills and has plenty of run-off room.

So now you no longer have an excuse not to get that Porsche out there on the track (where it belongs) and have some fun!

I’ll see you at the track.

Chip Henderson

MOR Driving Events Chair





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