The Digital Age

MORPCA continues to take greater advantage of new digital technologies for communication with club members.  The club has grown its use of email to club members over the past few years.  The Club’s primary source for email addresses is a club member’s registration information submitted to PCA national, from which our MORPCA club receives monthly updates.  If you are not receiving email messages from MORPCA about upcoming events, then the disconnect may be the email address you shared with PCA may be blank, invalid, or expired.

If you have not been receiving email messages from MORPCA (we sent out a few in January already), then you can update your email address with PCA and that update will then flow to MORPCA.  The club’s email system also has provisions for recipients to unsubscribe from receiving emails if you so choose.  Once unsubscribed, a member would then need to contact the club to resubscribe.

The club also has an expanding web presence ( with event information, post event coverage, and club details.  One new feature added to the web site in 2013 is the use of google calendar as the underlying MORPCA web calendar (  You can even subscribe to the calendar by requesting access of the clubs account.

An advantage of going thru the effort to subscribe, is members can now sync MORPCA events auto-magically with their google gmail account, Android smart phones, Apple iOS devices, and some desktop computer calendar programs.

For more details on subscribing to google calendars start with:

 As MORPCA events are scheduled, in addition to showing up in the DOS printed calendar page as usual and more recently in email announcements, they will also now appear in the club’s google calendar for web coverage.

Additionally the club has an open Facebook Page group.  Search for Mid Ohio Region Porsche Club of America on Facebook or jump to the link: and friend us.  Over 100 folks have done so already.  The Facebook page allows for a more interactive forum for club members wanting to share photos and videos, ask questions, sharing news, and be part of the social media scene.  Join in the fun!

We hope your find these additional digital capabilities of use and we hope to see you at an upcoming club event soon.




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